Guidelines For Students

Guidelines To K.G. Children

  • Please pin up a clean hand kerchief daily.
  • The KG children will be internally assessed through out the Session at regular intervals and the information about exams will be Conveyed to parents every month. The rules given below are to be followed by the parents very strictly.
  • n the child’s shirt pocket.
  • The child should bring the tiffin box putting in cloth bag or basket.
  • Children must be in habit of going to toilet regularly before coming to school.
  • Cover all new the text books and note books with brown cover and label them neatly and write name of the child in three or four Places.
  • Books given to take home should be promptly returned the next day.
  • Children should be encouraged to keep books neat and clean.
  • Tiffin box and water bottle should be promptly sent daily.
  • Please send a napkin with the tiffin box daily.
  • Books given every Friday should be returned neatly on Monday.
  • Parents should pin up the card with name and the address of the child for identification on the pocket.
  • On every day the parent are requested to check whether the child is talking the pencil, rubber, sharpener, notebooks and text books. Please check all these before sending the child to school.
  • Diaries should be checked daily and remarks  of the teachers if any must be responded in writing or should be discussed in person on every Saturday.
  • Cheerful and playful study at home is necessary to keep the child in touch with studies.
  • The nails should be pared and hair should be well combed.